Volumetric Flow Rate Converter

Volumetric Flow Rate Converter

You may find a section below that explains what flow rate is and a paragraph that explains how to calculate flow rate to have a full understanding of the subject. Be cautious because the word "flow rate" itself can be confusing! We've incorporated two flow rate formulas, which is fortunate for you because you're protected in both scenarios. This means that our technology can be used to calculate volumetric flow rates.

What is flow rate and  volumetric flow rate?

Most likely, when we discuss flow rate, you think of the idea of volumetric flow rate (also known as rate of liquid flow, volume flow rate or volume velocity). The amount of a particular fluid that moves across a specific cross-sectional area in a given amount of time is known as the volumetric flow rate. Typically, it is denoted by the letter Q, though occasionally it is V (V with a dot).

Volumetric flow rate = V / t = Volume / time

How to calculate flow rate? Flow rate formulas

  • Volumetric flow rate formulaVolumetric flow rate = A × v

    where A - cross-sectional area, v - flow velocity

The alternative form of the volumetric flow rate formula is much more useful. The volume of a part of the fluid in a channel can first be calculated as follows:

Volume equals A l

Where l is the breadth of a specific area of the fluid and A is the fluid's cross-sectional area. It's simply the cylinder volume formula if our pipe is circular. When we add the aforementioned formula to the flow rate definition's equation, we get:

Volumetric flow rate = V / t = A × l / t

As l / t is the volume length divided by time, you can see that it's just the flow velocity. So, the volumetric flow rate formula boils down to:

Volumetric flow rate = A × v

Most pipes are cylindrical, so the formula for volumetric flow rate will look as follows:

Volumetric flow rate for cylindrical pipe = π × (d/2)² × v where d is the pipe diameter

The equation can be rearranged to find the formula for pipe velocity.


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