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How to calculate age accurately?

You can find age based on birthdays in different ways. We will learn how to calculate age in years, months, and days at a specific date, using a handful of formulas and an age difference calculator. We can calculate age using manual formulas, MS Excel, and person age calculator

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How to use the best discount calculator online?

You can use either a percent-off calculator or calculate with a discount percentage formula. In this article we will learn steps involved in using the best discount calculator online, let us understand different types of discounts.

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How To Calculate The Percentage?

All of us struggle to calculate percentages at some point in our lives. We have come up with an ultimate solution to solve percentage problem. Use webtools GIST percentage increase calculator to make your life easy.

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How to convert png to ico files for free?

Most online tools can help you convert PNG to ICO. But we will discuss the best ICO converter online in this article along with some offline procedures.

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How to convert image to base64 online - 2023 Update

Are you looking for tools that can convert images to Base64 online? Having trouble getting the task done? No worries, we'll guide you to the best online tools.

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How to enlarge an image without losing quality?

Moments leave their mark - and they should be framed in a beautiful way. May it be a wedding day or weekend getaway, your memories speak through your images. But sometimes we compromise on quality while capturing these moments. That is why we end up cropping and enlarging the image. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to enlarge image without losing quality.

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