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Weight Conversion:

This weight converter tool is ideal for converting between various weight systems. We provide not only a real-time weight conversion tool, but also a weight conversion chart (weight conversion table) that allows you to effortlessly convert between units, such as pounds to kilograms, kilograms to pounds, ounces to stones, and so on. We will also explain what weight is, whether it is a force or not, and briefly address body weight, health issues, and ways to lose weight (and gain weight) for those who are interested.

Weight, like other physical quantities, is measured using a variety of unit systems (mass). The International System (SI) and its units such as kilogram (kg), gram (g), and decagram are the most popular and widely used (dag). The Imperial System is another primary unit system, featuring units such as the pound (lbs) and the ounce (oz). However, they are not the only unit systems in use throughout the world. 

Convert from pound to kg, convert from kg to lbs...

Converting from one weight unit to another by hand can be simple (for example, to convert from kilograms to grams, simply multiply kilograms by 1000) or difficult (for example, converting from pounds to kg or kg to lbs), but with a weight converter like this, everything becomes as simple as pie.

With this weight converter, you can simply convert kilograms to pounds (and vice versa), grams to stones, or any other two units you like. The following is a complete list of available units:

  • microgram (µg) - 1 millionth of a gram
  • milligram (mg) - 1 thousandth of a gram
  • kilogram (kg) - 1 thousand grams, but a kilogram is a default unit in the metric system
  • metric ton (t) - 1000 kilograms
  • grain (gr) - 1/7000 of a pound
  • drachm (dr) - 1/16 of an ounce, 1/256 of a pound
  • ounce (oz) - 1/16 of a pound
  • pound (lb) - basic weight unit in the US
  • stone (st) - 14 pounds. Often used to quote a person's weight, mostly in the UK and Ireland.
  • US ton, also called a short ton - 2000 pounds
  • long ton, used in the UK - 2240 pounds

Use the weight conversion chart in the next section to help you understand the conversions between these units. Conversion charts and tables are extremely useful. They clearly demonstrate the equivalence of different units of any magnitude, not only weight. Similar conversion tables exist for lengths, such as in our length conversion calculator or our temperature conversion tool.

If you're looking for a way to convert grams to cups, this isn't the place to be. Instead, visit our grams to-cups converter. Why is it not here? Because the conversion from weight to volume necessitates the product's density.

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