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Like the majority of large websites, Wikipedia has link rot, a condition in which external connections become inactive as the linked web pages or entire websites vanish, change their content, or relocate without using HTML redirection. This poses a serious danger to Wikipedia's citation of sources and reliability policy.

In general, don't remove references just because the source's website address is broken. As described in this document, there are available tools, steps, and processes.

Within roughly 24 hours, links added by editors to the English Wikipedia mainspace are automatically preserved to Wayback Machine (nb. in practise not every link is getting saved for various reasons). Internet Archive runs and maintains a tool named "NoMore404" to do this; other

Included are websites for various language wikis. 

It retrieves fresh external URLs, keeps track of EventStreams API, and updates the Wayback with snapshot. 

Despite prior attempts, this system just started operating some time around 2015. 

Additionally, (also known as made an effort to archive any external connections that were still present on Wikipedia in 2012 at some point. 

Although this was not full, sizable number of links were uploaded to during this time, making it substantial archival source that filled in the coverage gaps. 

As of 2020, some automated archiving is still being done by, albeit it is unknown how frequently and to what extent.

WP:IABOT, tool and bot for Wikipedia, automates fixing link rot as of 2015. 

It regularly checks all Wikipedia articles.
WP:IABOT, tool and bot for Wikipedia, automates fixing link rot as of 2015. 

It continuously checks all Wikipedia articles to see if any links are broken, adds archives to Wayback Machine (if not already present), and replaces broken links in the wikitext with an archived version. 

Through its web interface, this bot can be controlled by users in addition to operating automatically. 

The "Fix broken links" option can be found near the top of the page on the "External Tools" line when viewing any page's history.

Since 2015, the archive links themselves are checked for link decay by the recurrent bot WP:WAYBACKMEDIC. 

Archives migrate or disappear, new ones are added, etc., making archive databases dynamic. 



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