Number to Word Converter

How to Easily Change Numbers into Words in English

Have you ever wondered what the English words for "this number" or "that number" are? You might choose to write the number as "one" or "two" instead of 1 or 2, but you'll need a simple technique to determine how to write the number in English.

You might also be wondering how to express a large number, such as 1,234,567, in words.

If so, using the Numbers to Words Converter is the simplest approach to translate numbers into English. You can use this online tool to find out how to write a number right away.

You can also utilise Excel or Google Sheets as an alternative.


Use Excel's "SpellNumber" feature to translate numbers to words quickly and easily. Here are two easy instructions on how to use it:

The cell where you want the number to appear should use the formula =SpellNumber(A1).

Hit Enter.

(The number you want to convert is in A1)

As an alternative, you can instead use the formula below by replacing "NUMBER" with the number you wish to convert:

Enter the expression =SpellNumber (NUMBER)

Hit Enter.

Chrome Sheets:

The "to text" function in Excel can be used to convert integers to text. The number will instead be converted to a string rather than words, though.

To use this feature, just:

Put =to text in the formula box (A1)
Hit Enter (A1 contains the number you want to convert)

You can use a Numbers to Words Converter in Google Sheets to translate the number into English words.

What Does the Words to Numbers Converter Do?

The Numbers to Words Converter is the tool you need if you've ever thought, "How do I say this number in words?"

One of the quickest ways to translate a number into English words is to utilise this user-friendly web tool. Simply type the numbers, and the words corresponding to those numbers will appear.

Any number, even a very, very lengthy string of digits, can be converted to words with the Numbers to Words Converter.

Use of the Words to Numbers Converter:

Here are the two easy steps to using the Numbers to Words Converter:

  • In the box, enter your phone number.
  • The words for the number will immediately appear in the other box.
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