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Image Format WebP
For photos on the Internet, this new format supports lossless and lossy compression. This format was created by the Google Company primarily to make working online as quick and convenient as possible. The key benefit is that it has a smaller file size than other image formats while maintaining a comparable level of image quality.

The WebP format has three advantages:

1. Quicker loading periods

The WebP format has the benefit of allowing for picture compression. While preserving the same quality, the final file size is less than other formats. WebP pictures can thus be loaded more quickly.


2. Less Storage of Data

WebP offers better compression and uses less memory. This is crucial for websites with plenty of photos. It could potentially lead to reduced site hosting costs. Smaller picture files help conserve bandwidth and device resources, which is crucial for today's increasingly popular mobile devices.


3. Support for animations and translucent backgrounds

The only picture format that supports both GIF animations and PNG transparent backgrounds is WebP.


PNG keeps the same level of picture quality.

Group of Joint Photographic Experts
The picture files received the JPG extension. JPG is a common format for saving images and online graphics. Many bitmaps are saved as.jpg files in order to reduce their size, which makes it simpler to send and download these images over the Internet. The higher the amount of compression used to generate the JPG file, which uses a 24-bit colour palette, the greater the decompression effect on image quality.

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