Remove Line Breaks

Remove line breaks online.

Our line break tool assists you in removing unnecessary new lines from your word documents. It removes duplicate or cloned lines. You can use this tool to find and replace a certain word or sentence in your text. It lets you replace any word with its replacement text with a single click. If you want to remove a word, input it and then click the remove button.

Delete line breaks have particularly created features to remove a paragraph that starts with double or more spaces, the paragraph starts with a single space, the paragraph starts with Tab, the paragraph starts with a capital, the paragraph starts with empty lines, the paragraph starts with spaces, and paragraph starts with Tab.

URL List Cleaner:

Remove any URLs that are duplicated from the list.
It removes duplicate URLs from your URL list. It also assists you in trimming your URL to the root domain, subdomain, with and without HTTP, with and without the www prefix. You can erase any specific word face in our tool by entering the keyword into a search box.

We created it to help SEO specialists and webmasters save time. With a simple click, you may update your bulk URL list. Copy and paste your text and make adjustments as needed. You can substitute a single word or character by entering it in the area below the engine.

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