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This bot keeps up with the English Wikipedia's existing archive links. 

Additionally, it archives requested resources at WP:URLREQ. 

It is versatile tool that can execute numerous customised tasks, including URL movement and move, usurped domains, and soft-404 identification and repair.

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Like most large websites, Wikipedia suffers from link rot, a problem where external links stop working as the linked web pages or websites disappear, change their content, or move without employing HTML redirection. This puts Wikipedia's citation of sources and reliability policy in grave peril.

In general, don't omit references only because the website address for the source is incorrect. There are tools, stages, and processes readily available as explained in this document.

Approximately 24 hours after editors add links to the

Wayback Machine automatically preserves English Wikipedia mainspace (nb. in practise not every link is getting saved for various reasons). To do this, Internet Archive manages and runs the "NoMore404" programme; other

Included are websites for various language wikis.

It retrieves fresh external URLs, keeps track of EventStreams API, and updates the Wayback with a snapshot.

Despite prior attempts, this system just started operating some time around 2015.

Additionally, (also known as made an effort to archive any external connections that were still present on Wikipedia in 2012 at some point.

Although this was not full, a sizable number of links were uploaded to during this time, making it a substantial archival source that filled in the coverage gaps.



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