Illuminance Converter

Illuminance Converter

Our illumination conversion calculator calculates illumination. Illumination Conversion - Unit Converter With metric conversion, it transforms the lighting units lux (lx), meter-candle (m*c), centimeter-candle (cm*c), foot-candle (ft*c, fc), flamephot (ph), nox, candela steradian/sq. metre, lumen/square metre (lm/m2), lumen/square centimetre (lm/ft2), and watt/square

Illumination conversions & it's abbreviations

Unit Abbreviation Unit Abbreviation Unit Abbreviation
lux lx meter-candle m*c centimeter-candle cm*c
foot-candle ft*c, fc flamephot ph noxcandela steradian/sq. meter -
lumen/square meter lm/m2 lumen/square centimeter lm/cm2 lumen/square foot lm/ft2
watt/sq. cm (at 555 nm) W/cm2

Objective of Measurement:

The most crucial component of our lives is measurement, according to the goal of measurement. We employ measurement in a variety of sectors, including science, engineering, business trading, daily life, and education. We require a highly accurate and user-friendly worldwide measuring system in every industry as technology advances daily. In order to protect everyone from being duped, standard measurement must be used in every profession.

History of Measurement:

 Throughout time, people have used the human body as a tool for measurement. Forearm, hand, foot, and finger are combined to measure length. A shorter unit of length separated into the foot and finger. This form of measuring is inaccurate because every person's arm and finger are different sizes, and some nations are still using it. Numerous measuring systems were established throughout history, but the metric and imperial systems of measurement were most widely employed. These systems are used to measure things like distances, volumes, weights, speeds, and areas. Due to this, everyone is encountering a significant issue when conducting international trade. A significant advancement in civilisation calls for better measurement standards. 

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