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Unit conversion is the process of converting the measurement of a given amount between various units, often by multiplicative conversion factors that alter the value of the measured quantity without altering its effects.
Certain conversions from one system of units to another must be accurate without affecting the accuracy of the initial measurement. Sometimes this is referred to as soft conversion. It doesn't need modifying the physical structure of the thing being measured.

A hard conversion or an adaptable conversion, however, could not be exactly the same. It converts the measurement to the new system's practical and usable numbers and units. Sometimes it involves switching the item's size or configuration slightly. [More information required] Sometimes nominal values are accepted and used.

The factor-label method, commonly referred to as the unit-factor method or the unity bracket method[1], is a popular approach for converting units using algebraic formulas.

The factor-label approach applies conversion factors in a sequential manner, expressed as fractions, and is set up so that any dimensional unit that appears in both the numerator and denominator of any of the fractions can be cancelled out, leaving only the required set of dimensional units. For instance, by applying a series of conversion factors as given below, 10 miles per hour can be converted to metres per second:

displaystyle 'frac 10', 'cancel 'text'mile', 'cancel 'text 'hour', 'frac '1609.344', 'text'meter', 'cancel 'text 'hour', 'cancel 'text', 'frac '10', 'cancel 'text 'hour', 'frac '10', 'cancel 'text'mile',

3600 text seconds are equal to 4.4704 text metres per second.

displaystyle "frac 10" "cancel "text" "mile 1 "cancel "text" "hour times "frac "1609.344 "text" "metre"

One cancels

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