Decimal to Text


If you're testing across several browsers, a decimal number to text converter can be helpful. For instance, if you have created a web application that logs key presses or employs rapid keyboard shortcuts, the key pushes are frequently stored as keycodes. Each keycode is an integer with a decimal value that represents the key's ASCII or Windows 1252 code. You must create unit tests for your web application to ensure that it functions properly from release to release and does not break during refactoring. Before the release, these tests are performed to ensure that the JavaScript code that uses keycodes or ASCII codes continues to function correctly. If someone sends you a secret message, you can use this application to decrypt it.


Example 1: Where in the number 56.782 does the underlined digit appear?


After the decimal point, the highlighted digit comes in third. Tenths come in first, hundredths come in second, and thousandths come in third after the decimal point. As a result, the digit undersigned is in the thousandths place.


Example 2: In the number 45.82, what is the place value of the underlined digit?




The number 8 is at the tenths spot and is emphasised. Its place value is therefore 0.8.


Give an example with similar decimals in Example 3.




If two decimal numbers have the same number of digits following the decimal point, they are said to be similar decimals. For instance, 5.99 and 3.65

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