CSV to JSON Converter

You may convert JSON to CSV and CSV to JSON with this converter. To convert, simply paste your CSV or JSON, and then click the button. It incorporates editing and error checking using the Ace embeddable code editor. If your JSON is well-formed, it is verified. Errors are noted in the left gutter on the lines where they were discovered if they are found. To view an explanation of the error, hover your cursor over the icon. Correct any errors identified, then click the convert button one more.

The entire editing process is done in your browser. There is no server sending your CSV or JSON to. The editor's current state is saved if the browser or tab is closed.

Describe JSON:


JSON, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation, is a "lightweight" syntax for storing and transmitting data. It is text-only, language-independent, self-descriptive, and simple to read.

Describe CSV:


is short for "Comma Separated Values," which refers to plain text that uses character sets like ASCII, UTF-8, etc.
consists of a collection of records, usually one record per line, with each record's fields being separated by delimiters (typically a single reserved character such as comma, semicolon, or tab). Delimiters are automatically detected by this converter.
is a file where each record has the same set of fields, and since it's just plain text, it's simple to create and import vast amounts of data into a spreadsheet or other database.

HoW to convert CSV to JSON?

  • With the default fs in the npm package, read the csv file.
  • Split the data into an array after converting it to a String.
  • Create an array of headers.
  • Perform the following for all n-1 remaining rows: To add the values from the current row to an empty object, create one.
  • Create the JSON output file by converting the generated array to JSON.

What are the uses of CSV files?

Many spreadsheet programmes, including Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, support CSV files. Only one sheet can be included in a CSV file, and formulae cannot be saved.


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