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Application of the Marketing Dive App for CPM Calculation
To calculate the third field, enter any two fields and push the button. The calculator's fields include:

Total Cost: The full price that a marketing campaign will set you back.
Campaign Cost Per Thousand Ad Exposures (CPM Rate)
Ad Impressions: The total number of times an advertisement is seen during the course of a marketing campaign.

How is CPM determined?
The cost of a marketing campaign that reaches at least 1000 individuals is known as CPM, or cost per thousand. The term's initial letter "M" stands for the Roman numeral for 1000.

There are a few essential pieces of information that you need in order to calculate your CPM.

You must first estimate the quantity of impressions, or viewings, that your advertisement will have. You must also decide how much the advertisement will cost.
The next step is to divide your total impressions (also known as ad views) by 1000. If your advertisement gets viewed 30,000 times, for instance, and you divide that amount by 1000, the result is 30.

Why is it crucial to calculate CPM?
Your success depends heavily on how well you market your firm. Your website is unlikely to receive the traffic it needs to perform well in search engine results without Internet marketing. It has a snowball effect, and if you're not receiving many visitors to your website, you probably aren't getting many sales too.

By raising brand recognition and tracking the impressions of each of your ad platforms when you calculate your CPM using the CPM formula or our CPM calculator, you are benefiting both yourself and your company. You'll be able to change your strategy if you discover that you're not receiving as many impressions as you'd want on a particular platform.


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