Area Converter

Area Converter:

To convert area, simply multiply the length by the width:

                   Area = Length × Width

Conversion units for the Area Converter:

Acres (ac), Ares (a), Barns (b), Cents (ct), Hectares (ha), Ping, and other terms. Square Angstroms are also known as Square Astronomical Units. Square Centimeters (cm2), Square Decimeters (dm2), Square Dekameters (dam2), Square Fathoms (ft2), Square Feet (ft2), Square Hectometers (hm2), Square Inches (in2), Square Kilometers (km2), Square Lightyears, Square Meters (m2), Square Micrometers (m2), Square Microns, Square Miles (mi2), Square Millimeters (mm2), Square (yd2),

Area Converter Definitions:


        In the imperial and customary systems, an acre is a unit of area. An acre is a unit of measurement for land, and its international sign is ac.


       The Are is a unit of measurement that equals 100 square meters (10m x 10m). It is widely used to calculate land area. Although the Are is now regarded to be outside of the contemporary International System (SI), it is still used in some European countries to measure real estate. Its international symbol is the letter a.


             The hectare is a land area measurement unit equal to 10,000 square meters (107,639 square feet) or one square hectometre (100m x 100m). It is most typically used in the surveying profession for day-to-day legal papers like land deeds, mortgage surveys, town planning, environmental protection, and other legal property considerations.


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